Peter has been a practising martial artist for 36 years.

He is an internationally renowned CQC instructor, and regularly teaches members of the military & law enforcement. He has been invited to teach I.C.S. in fifteen different countries to date.


Peter’s mentor Hock Hochhiem, a U.S. military and police force veteran, and a renowned street combat instructor in the U.S. considers Peter one of his best and most skilled instructors. Peter is a member of Hock’s Elite Black Belt Instructors.

With over thirty years of combat experience, Peter knows how to teach each student in a way that will maximise mental confidence as well as physical competence, providing clear guidance and the right skills to practice for their experience level.

He was the first Australian ever to be invited to teach combat at the UFC gym in California. Peter also trains members of Victoria Police, The Australian Defence Force, and the security industry.

At the age of nineteen, Peter began work in the security industry as a nightclub guard in Melbourne. It was during this period that he discovered what worked and what didn’t in the real world.

Peter is a dedicated, life-long martial artist, beginning his training at just thirteen. He received his first Black belt at sixteen. He continues to further his knowledge and skill every day, passing on all his learning to his students.


  • Level 12 Black Belt, Close Quarter Combat (SFCI)
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt ,Kempo/Jiu Jitsu(Hochheim)
  • Australia’s highest ranked CQC instructor
  • Full Instructor Unarmed Combatives
  • Level 6 Knife/Counter Knife advanced Instructor (SFCI)
  • Black Belt, Wing Chun(Alan Stewart)
  • Level 1 Instructor,Personal Protection Concepts (Yamin)
  • Certified ISR Matrix graduate
  • Certificate 4 Personal Trainer
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • BJJ and Wrestling training
  • Muay Thai and Boxing training
  • 10 years security industry experience